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Eugene Myres - Biography

My name is Euge
ne Myres (Gene), and I would like to say that I appreciate your visit to my website. I hope that you will enjoy what I like to call my journey through life.

I was born in California in January 1955, and was raised mostly in Wisconsin and I now reside in Colorado. I find that the beauty of the mountains and the wildlife of Colorado are a great inspiration. This is the perfect place for me to create and paint wildlife and landscapes in its natural habitat.

In 1982, I was introduced into the world of painting. From that time on, I started learning everything that I could about painting. Being a self taught artist, I have done landscapes, sports art, portraits, murals, abstracts and wildlife. I have also trained myself in the use of oils, acrylics, air brush, pastels, inks, colored pencil, charcoal and graphite. I have discovered that painting and drawing is my passion in life.

I have found that creating is the foundation of my love of painting. When creating my artworks, I strive to provoke emotion, whether its humor or just plain awe. Learning to paint has been a journey of a lifelong passion. Join me as I continue with my journey to create beauty, wonder and emotion.                          

                                                                             Gene Myres

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